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Opportunites - We Are Hiring!  

Graduate Students 

The Morrissey lab at West Virginia University is seeking a motivated graduate students interested in researching environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, and biogeochemistry. Students with experience in molecular biology, stable isotope probing, bioinformatics, biogeochemistry, and/or soil ecology are particularly encouraged to apply. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Dr. Ember Morrissey and provide a brief description of your research interests and career goals as well as a resume/CV highlighting any relevant coursework and experience. Potential students will apply to the graduate programs within the Davis School of Agriculture at WVU  ( 


If you are a highly motivated undergraduate at WVU interested in gaining research experience we want to hear from you. Students can participate in research through a variety of means including work study, independent study, and volunteer work. 

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